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Supporting Education NOT Indoctrination

A child needs an education not indoctrination, teaching them their 1, 2, 3's and A, B, C's, not how to think and what to like.  Pennsylvania Advocacy for Children's Education supports the right to prevent Critical Race Theory from poisoning our children's minds.  We urge parents to be aware and involved in what is being taught to your children.

Protecting Medical Freedoms

Pennsylvania Advocacy for Children's Education believes that families know best how to protect their children's well being.   We follow the science and acknowledge that the masking of children poses a significant risk to their health, psychological development, and learning. 


Empowering Families

We are empowering families and our communities to stand up for our children's medical choices and their education.  We need to change the way our children are being educated from the top down.  We will fight to do this.  We are about uniting people not dividing them.

 Scales of Justice

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Bills to Support 

Senate Bill 996:

An Act establishing a Parental Bill of Rights. Declaring that the liberty of a parent to direct the upbringing, education, care and welfare of the parent's child is a fundamental right. (Current Status: Introduced in current session)

House Bill 1332:

Ensures Online curriculum availability.  All curriculum must be posted and updated online. (Current Status: Passed in House and Senate, and VETOED by Governor Wolf)

House Bill 1532:

Protecting our children from racist or sexist instruction.  All individuals are guaranteed equality. 

(Current Status: Passed in the House)

How to combat the anti-American CRT  (Click Below)

School Kids
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